A Note to Parents of Beginning Students

Encouraging your child to establish healthy daily practice is essential for their success.  The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but it also requires consistent work. As each new season of the year begins, whether it is summer vacation or the beginning of the school year, it is important to review and maintain a practice schedule.  A daily “set time” will help your child remember to practice, without your having to remind them, and it will also help to ensure that you are getting the full value of music lessons.  Each student will progress only as quickly as the assigned material is sufficiently mastered. Your child will be only as committed as you are to the practice routine.  Music lessons may be one of the first serious commitments that your child has undertaken.  Or, it may be the first time (s)he is working to a long-term goal.  Learning to play an instrument is not like a math problem where the result is immediately evident, it is more akin to training for a marathon.  A student would not run a 5K, 10K, or marathon race without training their bodies.  When your child learns to play a woodwind instrument, they are training slowly every day, asking their minds/fingers/facial muscles to develop in a completely new way.  Delicate facial muscles require daily training (practice) to build endurance, to develop, and to maintain fitness, just as a daily run is required for a runner in training.   It is my sincere desire that with my teaching and with your support at home (through encouragement, praise, and reminders) that we will form an effective team.  By working together, we can make music one of the most enjoyable, life-long experiences that your child encounters. Parents of very young students, and beginning students of all ages, are encouraged to attend the first few lessons. It has been my experience that a child, when forgetful, will first go to the parent with questions for refreshment of ideas/information.  Parents of students of any age are welcome to attend lessons at any time.